Sunday, Sep 27 2020

“Strong men have more sex”

Original posted by Roger Doménech

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Scientific Articles

  • Puigvert, L., Gelsthorpe, L., Soler-Gallart, M. et al. Girls’ perceptions of boys with violent attitudes and behaviours, and of sexual attraction. Palgrave Commun 5, 56 (2019).

Explanation of the Post

It is said that physical strength in a man explains that they have more success when flirting.

However, there are many strong men who have little success, and on the contrary, many men who pick up a lot of girls are not strong or handsome.

Science does have identified a link between attraction and violence, that is, what attracts is an attitude of apparent confidence linked to danger or hazard. Being strong or not is not the main cause of success, because for instance if you behave like a “pagafantas” you are unlikely to “score”, whether you are muscly or not.

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  1. Men tend to think that their success is linked to their physical appearance being this the first thing that people perceive about them when there is evidence that shows that a man really gets to maintain many sexual relations because of his attitude. 

    As Ramon Flecha explains in his book “Dialogic society”, women are coerced by gender stereotypes to maintain relationships with these “Fuck boys” by the social groups close to them to maintain or acquire a social status.
    Then the “Fuck boy” is born, who has relationships with many girls, a stereotype of masculinity that is often linked to the Bad boy, and also ends up affecting the stereotypes given that women have to look for a strong guy, to protect them. These behaviors are very harmful to the women around them because of the harmful attitudes of the men.

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