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Sunday, Sep 27 2020

Prostitution plays a social role for people with disabilities

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One of the arguments given by those who defend the prostitution is that without prostitution the sexuality of people with disabilities is denied. A statement that is not only charged with contempt for these people, but lacks endorsement both from the institutions that work for Social Inclusion and from feminist scientific evidence.

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    The discussion on disability and sexuality must incorporate a feminist understanding of what constitutes sexual exploitation. Justifying prostitution under the false right to the sexual pleasure of people with disabilities is only maintained by those who have been deceived by a neoliberal and oppressive-patriarchal discourse still very present in our societies.

  2. Daily life evidence

    A woman with a disability raises in a feminist debate that people with disabilities have moral obligations like any other: “A disability does not exempt anyone from the ethical imperative of not treating any other person as a means and not as an end”.

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