Aggressors who exercise violence are impopular

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: It is a common conception that violent aggressors are usually anxious and insecure people that make use of the school harassment or bullying in [...]

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Overcoming gender-based violence in youth requires comprehensive strategies that are embedded in institutions and led by girls and boys

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Some evidence in this regard: Thapa, A., Cohen, J., Guffey, S., & Higgins-D’Alessandro, A. (2013). A review of school climate research. Review of educational research, 83(3), 357-385. (Scopus Q1 [...]

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Gender-based violence is more prevalent in stable relationships

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Vagi, K. J., Olsen, E. O. M., Basile, K. C., & Vivolo-Kantor, A. M. (2015). Teen dating violence (physical and sexual) among US high school students: Findings [...]

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Prostitution plays a social role for people with disabilities

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Di Nucci, E. (2011). Sexual rights and disability. Journal of Medical Ethics, 37(3), 158-161. Jeffreys, S. (2008). Disability and the male sex right. Women’s Studies International Forum (Vol. [...]

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There is no causal relationship between having suffered gender-based violence in childhood and future violence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Widom, C. S. (1989). The cycle of violence. Science, 244(4901), 160-166 Margolin, G., & Gordis, E. B. (2000). The effects of family and community violence on children. Annual review of [...]

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