Aggressors who exercise violence are impopular

It is a common conception that violent aggressors are usually anxious and insecure people that make use of the school harassment or bullying in order to compensate for their [...]

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Overcoming gender-based violence in youth requires comprehensive strategies that are embedded in institutions and led by girls and boys

The international scientific debate supports the need to incorporate comprehensive and permanent models in educational institutions. These programmes include the voices and leadership of the community and especially of [...]

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Gender-based violence is more prevalent in stable relationships

It is often heard among people responsible for the prevention of gender-based violence and the public, that gender-based violence occurs between stable partners. This hoax hides the enormous rate [...]

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Prostitution plays a social role for people with disabilities

One of the arguments given by those who defend the prostitution is that without prostitution the sexuality of people with disabilities is denied. A statement that is not only [...]

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There is no causal relationship between having suffered gender-based violence in childhood and future violence

The idea that children who have been victims of violence and have been exposed to it in their homes will be violent, has become a common belief of many [...]

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