Infidelity increases the risk of health consequences

Scientific evidence platform Scientific evidence Infidelity increases the risk of health consequences



Maria is desperate because she recently found out that her husband is cheating on her with another woman and is infected with HIV. He has cheated on her throughout the relationship and never told her that he had HIV. Currently, Maria is terrified because she does not know if she is infected (The actual case occurred in 2021. Maria’s name is fictitious)

Cheating in a relationship has adverse effects and has a negative impact on physical and personal health, as demonstrated by the doctoral thesis “The deception in peer relationships between young people and adolescents: Choosing to be free for renouncing to freedom” (written in Catalan) written by Marta Cortés Camacho.

Cheating situations are more common in society than it seems. Guthrie & Kunkel (2013) noted in their study that 92% of the people surveyed had cheated on their partner at some point. A situation that shows the high risk of people who are directly or indirectly involved in cheating. Studies such as those by Parker et al. (2014), who investigated the acceptability of cheating on the likelihood of contracting HIV, found that the respondents perceived infidelity as pervasive, leading to an elevated risk of HIV infection. 

Other research shows that in addition to contracting sexual diseases, cheating leads to depressive symptoms (Davila, 2008, Davila et al., 2004), stages of anxiety and stress (Kachadourian et al., 2015), distress (Hall & Fincham, 2009), insomnia (Baglioni et al. 2010), and suicide (Kisch, Leino & Silverman, 2005).

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