The first sexual-affective experiences have the strongest influence on gender-based violence in the future

Scientific evidence platform Scientific evidence The first sexual-affective experiences have the strongest influence on gender-based violence in the future

The first sexual-affective experiences people have the greatest influence in future relationships. These experiences include a first kiss, the first boy/girlfriend as children, a hook-up …everything has an impact, and the key is if such interactions are free and positive or not. 

If the first sexual-affective relationships people have as children or teenagers include some sort of violence (in the form of disdain, disloyalty, lack of consent…) they normalise those negative behaviors as part of such relationships; and, what is worse, if they are forced to describe those situations in a positive way to avoid ridicule and looking bad, that can lead to them remembering a negative interaction with desire towards it.

Looking at this from the positive side, if the first sexual-affective interactions are full of desire linked to consent, respect and equality, they will be very protective, because those positive values which raise attraction will be the wanted in the future and any form of violence in relationships will be more strongly rejected.


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Luis Miralles

As a primary school teacher, I see the importance of promoting quality relationships since early childhood. Explicitly talking about friendship with children and families can really help prevent different types of school violence. If their first friendships are based on trust, solidarity and so on, then those children will establish good foundations to better choose future affective relationships that are healthy, exciting and satisfying.

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