Sexual freedom does not depend on whether the couple is stable or sporadic, but on whether being in it was freely chosen, without coercion

Scientific evidence platform Scientific evidence Sexual freedom does not depend on whether the couple is stable or sporadic, but on whether being in it was freely chosen, without coercion
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Sexual freedom does not depend on whether the couple is stable or sporadic, but on whether being in it was freely chosen, without coercion. This evidence could be found in the following scientific article:

Flecha, R., Tomás, G., & Vidu, A. (2020). Contributions from psychology to effectively use, and achieving sexual consentFrontiers in psychology11.

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Mar Joanpere

The following paper shows that: “ The identification of the later can be part of the social support that many young women need in order to challenge, through their critical consciousness, the coercive discourse that pushes them to a situation of high vulnerability to victimization. In addition, since how violence against women is understood affects how it is treated and prevented, the resulting evidence from those studies could inform intervention and prevention programs that give voice to young women to demonstrate how exciting are the relationships free of violence that they have, whatever format (sporadic or stable) those relationships have.
Ruiz-Eugenio, ., Racionero-Plaza, S., Duque, E. et al. Female university students’ preferences for different types of sexual relationships: implications for gender-based violence prevention programs and policies. BMC Women’s Health 20, 266 (2020).
Also the paper evidence this question: Torras-Gómez, E., Puigvert, L., Aiello, E., & Khalfaoui, A. (2020). Our Right to the Pleasure of Falling in Love. Frontiers in psychology10, 3068. evidence that:

Gontzal Uriarte

I believe that violent men are the ones who violate sexual freedom. These men can be found in both types of relationships. However, I think they are easier to find in casual relationships. These types of men are usually popular even if they do not treat women well, and some women find them attractive as well. These men tend to prefer sporadic relationships as opposed to stable ones where a sentimental commitment or loving expression is often needed and that they avoid. There is evidence that shows that the most risky relationships for sexual violence are sporadic ones and that romantic relationships have a protective factor. That is why I think we can find less freedom of choice in sporadic ones since it is these violent men who most desire this type of relationship.
Risk factors here:

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