Sunday, Sep 27 2020

Self-confidence is a key trait for New Alternative Masculinities

Original posted by Luis Miralles

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The concept of new alternative masculinities (NAM) has been around for a while now; more and more opinion articles are being published every week on digital press platforms. Sometimes, the authors are referred to as “experts”, while their statements do not match the existing scientific literature on the topic.  One example is the definition, or multiple definitions, we get for the term “New Masculinities”.

Scientific evidence shows that new masculinities contribute to overcoming gender-based violence only if they meet certain characteristics. Self-confidence is clearly one of those features, although it is actually not even mentioned in many of the opinion articles people read on a daily basis. In fact, according to Rodriguez-Navarro et al., (2014) “The NAM attitude is based on safety, attraction, equality, the search for equal relationships based on desire and love, and rejection of people with non-egalitarian values or who are violent” (p.871)

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