Confinement has led to an increase in cases of mistreatment and violence.

Scientific evidence platform Scientific evidence Confinement has led to an increase in cases of mistreatment and violence.


Aponte, C., Araoz, R., Medrano, P., Ponce, F., Taboada, R., Velásquez, C., & Pinto, B. (2020). Satisfacción conyugal y riesgo de violencia en parejas durante la cuarentena por la pandemia del COVID-19 en Bolivia. Ajayu Órgano de Difusión Científica del Departamento de Psicología UCBSP, 18(2), 416-457.

This article reflects the increase of violence in couples during the forties at home will increase, in this case, in Latin America, especially in Bolivia. A survey of men and women between the ages of 20 and 74 showed that couples who were satisfied before confinement continued to be satisfied, but those who were prone to violence increased their risk during confinement.
Middle-aged people tended to have higher levels of marital satisfaction compared to other groups.
The risk of violence is not related to home status. Violence is not a problem exclusive to one gender, both are subject to vulnerability to partner aggression, but the risk is higher for women.

Forms of child maltreatment that could occur during COVID-19 confinement
Moreno Mora, R., & Machado Lubián, M. D. C. (2020). Formas de maltrato infantil que pudieran presentarse durante el confinamiento debido a la COVID-19. Rev. cuba. pediatr, e1241-e1241.

According to this article, confinement has favored child maltreatment. The research was carried out during the period from March to June 2020 and the results obtained were the relationship between the psychological reactions that children who have been impacted by confinement may present, the importance of detecting this maltreatment in the face of a situation that has not been easy. He concludes that the state of alarm generated has created new stressors that can provoke child abuse, such as violence in the child’s upbringing, abandonment, child and juvenile sexual abuse in the same home, psychological abuse derived from the fears that the minors suffer and the security that the family has to give them.
Finally, adaptation to the situation of confinement and abuse in this situation goes hand in hand with the role played by parents and family members.

Expressions of gender-based violence in the context of confinement by COVID-19
Bernal, N. L. (2020). Expresiones de la violencia basada en género, en el marco del confinamiento por COVID-19. Nova, 18(35), 107-113.

With this article it is possible to see how once the pandemic of Covid19 began, the measures imposed by many countries reveal increases in cases of gender-based violence. The results indicate a qualitative approach to the expressions, risk factors and mitigating measures for gender-based violence in Covid19 confinement.


After reading the three scientific articles, it has been possible to verify that the cases of abuse and violence during the pandemic have increased, therefore it is possible to affirm the hypothesis of the principle.
It has happened in many territories of the world, and of different characteristics. On the one hand, it has been possible to highlight the abuse and violence between couples (articles 1 and 3) and on the other hand, child abuse where the crucial role is played by family members (article 2).

In the first article, couples prone to violence increased during confinement and the middle-aged groups tended more to marital satisfaction.

The second article affirms that child abuse has increased due to the measures imposed by the state of alarm because they provoke violence in the child’s upbringing, even abandonment and sexual abuse of children and young people in the same home. These facts also lead to psychological abuse.

In the third article, thanks to the extreme results of an investigation, a qualitative approach of the expressions, risk factors and mitigating measures for gender violence in confinement is indicated.

Thus, confinement has favored the decrease of contagion but has worsened other serious problems that almost never come to light.

If we base ourselves on these articles we can affirm the statement made at the beginning:


The relevance of this issue is currently very important because often it is not talked about as it should be, and at times serious cases do not come to light, which are kept in silence. This silence does not mean anything, abuse always persists and creates a great impact on society, making many people end up seeing this problem as a normal daily occurrence. The impact is important to make us aware of the serious problem and that is why it is necessary to see it and put an end to it.




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