Friday, May 14 2021

Under-representation of women in science has a negative health impact

Original posted by Paula Cañaveras

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May is International #WomensHealthMonth and I can’t help but wonder how much progress remains to be made in this regard. For too long the inclusion of women in clinical trials has been downplayed resulting in lower efficiency in drug development, higher incidence of side effects and increased mortality.

Some of the data available in the matter reveals that only 1 in 6 scientific articles includes a representative number of women in their trials. This is a problem specially knowing that often the symptoms of the same disease can appear in different ways depending on sex. That is the case of heart attacks, which are also the leading cause of death among women.

More and more research is equally incorporating women’s presence in Medicine in an egalitarian way, contributing to the visibility of women’s problems and diseases in order to optimize the available treatments and improving their health.

Would you like to share more evidence that has brought about advances related to women’s health?  

You can also comment on recommendations endorsed by institutions that promote the care and health of women.

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