There are still inequalities in work between men and women

Scientific evidence platform Scientific evidence There are still inequalities in work between men and women

Scientifics Evidence:

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Nowadays, unfortunately, we have not yet achieved equality between men and women. In the field of work, discrimination against women affects negatively to them regard to employment opportunities, which contributes to their economic situation.

There are also issues with compensation, promotion opportunities, and role assignments within the company. When they are considered “male-dominated jobs” or believed to be “for them,” women are rated negatively and less chosen or recommended to these positions.

There are times when they are less likely to be interviewed, in comparison to men, who tend to classify them as more competitive, contractable, and more useful, offering them a higher salary and a better workplace than women, having considering that they have the same qualities and abilities.

It is normal for them to feel inferior and think that they are doing things wrong, these acts affect them physically and psychologically, for example, manifesting stress, mental health problems, lack of self-esteem, self-confidence and makes them doubt of their capabilities.

In conclusion, employment inequality is an issue that must be eliminated as soon as possible, as it takes away many opportunities from excellent women in the world just because they are women and because they are undervalued. Create a workplace with diversity, whether gender, race, religion, etc ; enriches the company, therefore, its benefice increases. Regarding to the salary  or task difference at work, there should be no discrimination, when a man and a woman have the same qualities, they can do the same.

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