Many Negro parents have had little schooling themselves and hence are unable to appreciate its value

Esa es una afirmación de Ausubel en:  (Ausubel, 1968, p. 440).  Ausubel, D. P. (1968). Educational psychology. A cognitive view. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc   Error [...]

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Children with dyslexia don’t need early intervention, we must wait for their maturation

  Students with reading difficulties  are perceived as lazy, not hardworking, slow childs but, nevertheless, more and more evidence demonstrate that this statement is untrue. The evidence shows that there [...]

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Students should not be given school homework

I have heard many times that giving school homework to children and adolescents is negative for them because they would get stressed. I have also heard that children spend [...]

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Roma communities have no interest in education

Roma communities are considered in the social imaginary (promoted in mainstream TV and social media) as those who have no interest in education, are perceived as backward, and Roma [...]

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Schools in disadvantaged environments cannot perform well

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Curricular adaptation guarantees school and social success for students with difficulties

Es muy común que sean necesarias adaptaciones curriculares que menores objetivos y contenidos curriculares para garantizar el éxito escolar y social de los alumnos con dificultades. Sin embargo, autores [...]

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To avoid conflicts at school, it is better for families not to get too involved.

It is necessary to keep families out of the school context because they are a source of problems, they express their opinions about what they do not know and [...]

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Throughout life and development we lose brain plasticity and learning ability

There is a myth that the cellular deterioration that occurs throughout life and growth affects brain plasticity in the same way and with it the learning capacity of people. [...]

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Boys and girls are more skilled in those tasks depending on the cerebral hemisphere that has more performance.

There is a widespread belief that the cerebral hemispheres work in a more or less isolated manner depending on the area or ability that each of them manages; linguistics, [...]

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Educational success depends on the socio-economic level of families.

In many schools and educational policy designs, this idea continues to persist today. It has been overcome by scientific evidence, as well as by many educational realities, that despite [...]

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