Grade repetition does not contribute to educational success or to the improvement of the educational trajectories of students who repeat grades

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Anderson, R., & Anderson, C. (2020). Grade repetition and boys’ risk of being repeated in early schooling in Queensland, Australia. Journal of Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools, 30(2), 146-158. [...]

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Academic achievement implies quality relations

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Pakarinen, E., Lerkkanen, M. K., Viljaranta, J., & von Suchodoletz, A. (2021). Investigating bidirectional links between the quality of teacher–child relationships and children’s interest and pre‐academic skills [...] no comments

Evidence-based educational policies prevent school dropout and increase educational attainment

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: De Witte, K., Cabus, S., Thyssen, G., Groot, W., & van Den Brink, H. M. (2013). A critical review of the literature on school dropout. Educational Research Review, 10, [...]

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Citizens’ voices are key in scientific research with social impact

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Pulido Rodriguez, C. M., Ovseiko, P., Font Palomar, M., Kumpulainen, K., & Ramis, M. (2021). Capturing Emerging Realities in Citizen Engagement in Science in Social Media: A [...]

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Social networks are playing an important role in the dissemination of mathematics’ didactic resources

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Valls-Carol, R., Álvarez-Guerrero, G., López de Aguileta, G., Alonso, Á., & Soler-Gallart, M. (2021). Citizen Debates in Social Networks about Didactic Resources for Mathematics. International journal of [...]

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Interactive groups accelerate learning and promote social cohesion also in secondary education

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Ordóñez, R., & Rodríguez, M. R. (2016). Los grupos interactivos como metodología didáctica en Educación Secundaria: estudio de casos en un centro constituido en Comunidad de Aprendiizaje. [...]

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There are benefits from the involvement of families in learning, effort, and in the high expectations of the students

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Boonk, L., Gijselaers, H. J. M., Ritzen, H., & Brand-Gruwel, S. (2018). A review of the relationship between parental involvement indicators and academic achievement. Educational Research Review, [...]

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High school students lack the maturity to manage how to distinguish fake internet information, what affects their critical capacity

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Baumgartner, S. E., Weeda, W. D., van der Heijden, L. L., & Huizinga, M. (2014). The Relationship Between Media Multitasking and Executive Function in Early Adolescents. The Journal [...]

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Girls benefit from single-sex physical activity

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Pearson, N., Braithwaite, R., & Biddle, S. J. (2015). The effectiveness of interventions to increase physical activity among adolescent girls: a meta-analysis. Academic pediatrics, 15(1), 9-18. Corr, M., [...]

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Children with autism spectrum disorder benefit from interactive learning environments

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Carter, E. W., Gustafson, J. R., Sreckovic, M. A., Dykstra Steinbrenner, J. R., Pierce, N. P., Bord, A., … & Mullins, T. (2017). Efficacy of peer support [...]

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