Boys and girls are more skilled in those tasks depending on the cerebral hemisphere that has more performance.

There is a widespread belief that the cerebral hemispheres work in a more or less isolated manner depending on the area or ability that each of them manages; linguistics, [...]

Susana Gomez 2 comments

The roma community is not interested in their sons and daughters’ studies.

A hoax heard many times at school from some teachers is that the high rate of school failure in the Roma community is due to the fact that their [...]

Raquel Aguilar 2 comments

Educational success depends on the socio-economic level of families.

In many schools and educational policy designs, this idea continues to persist today. It has been overcome by scientific evidence, as well as by many educational realities, that despite [...]

Esther Roca 2 comments

Teaching to read before the age of 6 is harmful

I have heard on numerous occasions that teaching reading before the age of 6 is harmful. In many schools this hoax is deeply ingrained and they do not teach [...]

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