In any fight against male violence there are men and women in favor of the harasser and women and men in favor of the victim

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Condorcet made his book “Women’s Rights” two years before Mary Wollstoncraft

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Foucault defended the decriminalization of pedophilia and rape

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Simone de Beauvoir defended pedophilia

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: In these articles there is more evidence in the same direction: Žižek, S. (2018). Provocations: The 1968 revolution and our own. World Policy Journal, 35(2), 124-129. (Scopus [...]

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Dialogic Feminist Gatherings have an impact on reduction and prevention of Gender-Based Violence among adolescent girls

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There is a relationship between the gender gap in STEM careers and sexual harassment in Universities

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Overcoming gender-based violence in youth requires comprehensive strategies that are embedded in institutions and led by girls and boys

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New Alternative Masculinities (NAM) generate attractiveness, desire and kindness

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Self-confidence is a key trait for New Alternative Masculinities

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Oppressed Traditional Masculinity (OTM) does contribute to reinforce the gender-violence roles models

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Flecha, R., Puigvert, L., & Rios, O. (2013). The New Alternative Masculinities and the Overcoming of Gender Violence. International and Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Sciences, 2(1), 88–113. [...]

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