One of the causes of the lack of women in science is the sexual harassment and violence they face in these environments

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If latent factor means are to be meaningfully compared, the measurement structures of the latent factor and their survey items should be stable, that is “invariant”.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Adolf, J., Schuurman, N. K., Borkenau, P., Borsboom, D., & Dolan, C. V. (2014). Measurement invariance within and between individuals: A distinct problem in testing the equivalence [...]

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Labor inequality between men and women in important places in the world of sport continues to this day

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Some children’s toys bring gender stereotypes

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Confinement has led to an increase in cases of mistreatment and violence.

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There are still inequalities in work between men and women

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Self-perception defines gender

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Abed, E. C, et al. (2019). Sexual and Gender Diversity Among Sexual and Gender/Sex Majorities: Insights via Sexual Configurations Theory. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 48(5), 1423–1441. [...]

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Women around the world do not experience street harassment in the same way

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Bailey, B. (2016). Street remarks to women in five countries and four languages: Impositions of engagement an intimacy. Sociolinguistic Studies, 10.4, 589–609 Fisher, S., Lindner, D., [...]

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BDSM is not a practice to normalize sexual harassment

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Eastman-Mueller, H., Oswalt, S. B., & Nevers, J. M. (2021). Sexual diversity on college campuses: using a BDSM framework to discuss consent. Journal of American college health, 1-5. [...]

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Yes isn’t enough to give consent

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Flecha, R., Tomás, G., & Vidu, A. (2020). Contributions from psychology to effective use and achievement of sexual consents. Frontiers in Psychology. https://10.3389/fpsyg.2020.00092 Flecha, R., & Soler, [...]

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