The training of teachers in attention to diversity is necessary and essential to achieve the inclusion of all students.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Figueroa Ángel, MX, Gutiérrez de Piñeres Botero, C., & Velázquez León, J. (2017). Inclusion strategies in school contexts. Diversitas, 13(1), 13-26. González-Gil, F., Martín-Pastor, E., Poy, R., [...]

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How can we achieve an inclusive school?

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: For years now, we have witnessed the beginning of a new form of education through inclusion. This new method can be found in the inclusive [...]

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What are the psychological consequences of child sexual abuse?

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: Nowadays, there’s a lot of gender violence and sexual abuse of children. It is a topic present in our daily lives, and everyone must know [...]

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It is necessary to bring attention to scientific evidence that accounts for the factors that favor academic success in students with disabilities

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: García-Carrión, R., Molina Roldan, S., y Roca Campos, E. (2018). Ambientes de aprendizaje interactivos para la mejora educativa de estudiantes con discapacidades en escuelas especiales. Frontiers in [...]

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Freire’s dialogic perspective contributes to improving school achievements in subjects, values, emotions and sentiments

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Rosa Valls & Leonidas Kyriakides (2013) The power of Interactive Groups: how diversity of adults volunteering in classroom groups can promote inclusion and success for children of vulnerable minority [...]

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Althusser and Bourdieu’s reproduction model has been scientifically and socially overcome.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: DiMaggio, P. (1982). Cultural capital and school success: The impact of status culture participation on the grades of US high school students. American Sociological Review, 47(2), 189–201 [...]

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Children with autism spectrum disorder benefit from interactive learning environments

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Carter, E. W., Gustafson J. R., Sreckovic, M. A., Dykstra, J. R., Pierce, N. P., Bord, A., et al. (2017). Efficacy of Peer Support Interventions in General [...]

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‘Bystander intervention’ is one of the keys to successful anti-bullying programs

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: Not all interventions are effective against bullying. Among the keys to successful interventions is the so-called “bystander intervention” that tries to activate the students who [...]

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Teachers expectations influence educational achievement

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Flanagan, A.M., Cormier, D.C. & Bulut, O. (2020) Achievement may be rooted in teacher expectations: examining the differential influences of ethnicity, years of teaching, and classroom behaviour. [...]

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Some forms of family engagement in school improves student academic results

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: Some teachers are reluctant to work side by side with families when considering their participation in the classroom. The science-proven benefits need to be shown [...]

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