Anyone can become a victim of sex trafficking, no matter their gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, class, studies or culture

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: D’Arcy, K. and Brodie, I (2015) ‘Roma Children and Young People in Bulgaria: Patterns of Risk and Effective Protection in Relation to Child Sexual Exploitation’, Social Inclusion, 3(4), 1-9, [...]

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Physical attractiveness influences the interpretation of harassment

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Agthe, M., Spörrle, M., & Maner, J. K. (2011). Does being attractive always help? Positive and negative effects of attractiveness on social decision making. Personality and Social [...]

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Colours have no gender

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Karniol, R. (2011). The color of children’s gender stereotypes. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 65(1-2), 119–132. Pomerleau, A., Bolduc, D., Malcuit, G., & Cossette, L. (1990). Pink [...]

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Gender-based violence shouldn’t be gone through alone or in silence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Barrett, B. J., Peirone, A., & Cheung, C. H. (2020). Help seeking experiences of survivors of intimate partner violence in Canada: The role of gender, violence severity, [...]

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Obsession with a man is submission to coercive discourse

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE: Racionero-Plaza, S., Duque, E., Padrós, M., & Roldán, S. M. (2021). “Your Friends Do Matter”: Peer Group Talk in Adolescence and Gender Violence Victimization. Children, 8(2), 65. Bélanger, [...]

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Infidelity increases the risk of health consequences

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Cortés Camacho, M. (2018). L’engany en les relacions de parella entre joves i adolescents¿ Escollir ser lliures o renunciar a la llibertat? (Doctoral dissertation, Universitat de Barcelona). Guthrie, J., [...]

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Roma women lead change of the Roma community through education

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Munté, A.; de Vicente, I.; Matulic, V.; & Amador, J. (2020). The invisible feminist action of Roma families. Affilia. Journal of Women and Social Work. Aiello, E., Amador-López, J., [...]

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The first sexual-affective experiences have the strongest influence on gender-based violence in the future

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: James, W.H.; West. C.; Deters. K.E. y Armijo, E. (2000) Dating Violence. Adolescence, 35(139), 455-465. Oliver, E. y Valls, R. (2004) Violencia de género. Investigaciones sobre quiénes, [...]

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Some domestic workers are contributing to feminism, working for equality and against gender-based violence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: De Botton, L., Puigvert, L., & Sánchez-Aroca, M. (2005). The inclusion of other women: Breaking the silence through dialogic learning (Vol. 4). Springer Science & Business Media. Puígvert, L., [...]

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Anais Nin’s tales are not feminist, they link sexual excitement with violence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Leen E, Sorbring E, Mawer M, Holdsworth E, Helsing B, Bowen E (2013) Prevalence, dynamic risk factors and the efficacy of primary interventions for adolescent dating violence: [...]

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