Cognitive flexibility develops earlier than previously thought

Cognitive flexibility has been measured as a unique characteristic in adult brains. However, scientists have less tools to assess cognitive flexibility during early infancy. A recent study has shown [...]

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Writing collaboratively: elected or imposed, which is better?

This study set out to compare the nature of student-selected and teacher-assigned pairs while they were engaged in collaborative writing. The fact that students work in pairs or small [...]

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Early language exposure impact on later abilities

Children’s early language exposure affects their later language skills, cognitive abilities, and academic achievement, and large disparities in language exposure are associated with family socioeconomic status. However, there is [...]

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Writing about science, social studies and mathematics helps students learn content better

When learners write about science, social studies and mathematics, this helps students to better learn the contents related to those topics. Graham, S., Kiuhara, S.A., & Mackay, M. (2020). [...]

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Violence has a biological basis

Error happened. [...]

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Relaxation improves learning and behavior

I have listened that thanks to the relaxations made in the classroom, students improve their behavior and their learning performance. Is it true? Error happened. [...]

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School redistribution policies of immigrant students promote xenophobia

There is scientific evidence demonstrating that school redistribution policies of immigrant students promote xenophobia. Campdepadrós, R.; Molina, S.; Ramis, M.; & de Botton, L. (2020). The Vic Model: From school [...]

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Massages among students in classrooms help them to be relaxed

Is it true that massages among students in classrooms help them to be relaxed and more prepared to work on the next task? Error happened. [...]

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Zero violence since early childhood prevents violence along children’s lives

In contrast to what is commonly stated: that violence is first presented at primary and secondary educational stages; it is known and proven by scientific evidence that violence and [...]

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Children always learn from concrete to abstract

This is a hoax. There are people who claim that children always start learning from concrete and later, based on the concrete things they have learnt, children are able [...]

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