Interactive Learning Environments favoured by secure relationships and high quality learning, make possible a true inclusion of students with learning disabilities

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Bullying behavior in children with intellectual disability IMAGE: COMMENT: Students with special educational needs are a collective with a higher significant risk to suffer from [...]

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Throughout life and development we lose brain plasticity and learning ability

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Pascual-Leone, A., Amedi, A., Fregni, F., & Merabet, L. B. (2005). The plastic human brain cortex. Annu. Rev. Neurosci., 28, 377-401. Mallart, L. P., García, R. F., Racionero-Plaza, [...]

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Boys and girls are more skilled in those tasks depending on the cerebral hemisphere that has more performance.

IMAGE: COMMENT: There is a widespread belief that the cerebral hemispheres work in a more or less isolated manner depending on the area or ability that each of them [...]

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Friendship relationships prevent and protect against bullying.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Gómez, A. (2014). How friendship generates key research questions that help to overcome gender-based violence: a personal narrative. Qualitative inquiry, 20(7), 934-940. Rose, C. A., Espelage, D. L., Monda-Amaya, [...]

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