Interactive Learning Environments favoured by secure relationships and high quality learning, make possible a true inclusion of students with learning disabilities.

Students with special educational needs are a collective with a higher significant risk to suffer from bullying and/or abuse compared to children with a “normative” developmental process. Due to [...]

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Throughout life and development we lose brain plasticity and learning ability

There is a myth that the cellular deterioration that occurs throughout life and growth affects brain plasticity in the same way and with it the learning capacity of people. [...]

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Boys and girls are more skilled in those tasks depending on the cerebral hemisphere that has more performance.

There is a widespread belief that the cerebral hemispheres work in a more or less isolated manner depending on the area or ability that each of them manages; linguistics, [...]

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Friendship relationships prevent and protect against bullying.

Over the last few decades, the education system has forgotten to emphasize the importance of values such as friendship. However, there are many reasons of great importance to work [...]

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