Participating in Dialogic Gatherings contributes to acquiring or reinforcing attitudes of New Alternative Masculinities

There exist affirmations that strengthen the idea that participating in dialogic gatherings contributes to acquiring or reinforcing such attitudes attributed to the NAM (New Alternative Masculinities) and that, therefore, [...]

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Men talk about women as prey

There is a general belief that mens’ groups, when they meet, basically talk about women as preys to hunt or as objectives to achieve. I value this statement as [...]

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Passion in a relationship had an expiration date

Some press articles cite research which say that passion in a relationship had an expiration date I think these statements are a hoax due to the following arguments: [...]

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I have heard that “all men are or will be whore hounds”

I have heard that “all men are or will be whore hounds” at some time of their lives, but I believe it is a hoax because I have neer [...]

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Women experience more gender-based violence in rural indigenous communities than in urban areas

In Latin America the indigenous people, who often live in rural areas, are commonly labeled as more sexist and chauvinist than those living in urban areas. Thus, it is [...]

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Many women demand that women’s restrooms should not be abolished because they increase their risk of suffering violence

In my circle, many people celebrate the multi-everything type of bathroom (see the picture), but I do not understand why it is so important. I only know that I [...]

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Gender-violence victims are mostly older women, who are economically dependent, have no studies or are immigrants

I often find news stating this, but I do not know if it is true or not… La independencia económica de las mujeres es clave para combatir la violencia [...]

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