Bystander Intervention is an effective program to prevent and reduce violence at educational institutions also in the long term

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Coker, A. L., Bush, H. M., Brancato, C. J., Huang, Z., Clear, E. R., & Follingstad, D. R. (2020). Longer Term Impact of Bystander Training to Reduce [...]

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There is no causal relationship between having suffered gender-based violence in childhood and future violence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Widom, C. S. (1989). The cycle of violence. Science, 244(4901), 160-166. Margolin, G., & Gordis, E. B. (2000). The effects of family and community violence on children. Annual review [...]

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Not fighting Isolating Gender Violence means not fighting Gender Violence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Vidu, A., Puigvert, L., Flecha, R., & de Aguileta, G. L. (2021). The concept and the name of Isolating Gender Violence. Multidisciplinary Journal of Gender Studies, 10(2), 176-200. [...]

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Love does not kill

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE: Valls, R., Puigvert, L., & Duque, E. (2008). Gender violence among teenagers: Socialization and prevention. Violence against women, 14(7), 759-785. Puigvert, L., Gelsthorpe, L., Soler-Gallart, M., & Flecha, [...]

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