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Bystander Intervention is an effective program to prevent and reduce violence at educational institutions also in the long term

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Bystander Intervention is one of the evidence based interventions that has proven to reduce and prevent violence in all its forms at educational institutions from schools to universities. Its approach focuses on the empowerment of the witnesses to speak up and report the possible violence and harassment situations as an effective action to protect the victims.

Now, evidence goes beyond demonstrating the efficacy of the program to prove that Bystander Intervention does not only have immediate effects in the short term but also in the long run.

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  1. I work in a school and on a daily basis, I can see that through the implementation of the dialogical model of conflict prevention the intervention of witnesses has increased both to stop direct aggression and to tell or look for help when they find out or see something. Children are safe to intervene and no longer look the other way or encourage the aggressor because they know that protecting and acting is courageous and they will not be alone. Coexistence has improved, reducing the intensity of the violence and managing to stop it from the first moments. 


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