Top scientific journals indexed in JCR and Scopus only care about metrics

Nature Publishing Group. (2022, January 11). Research evaluation needs to change with the Times. Nature News. Retrieved January 13, 2022, from Top scientific journals in JCR and Scopus [...]

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Althusser and Bourdieu’s reproduction model has been scientifically and socially overcome.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: DiMaggio, P. (1982). Cultural capital and school success: The impact of status culture participation on the grades of US high school students. American Sociological Review, 47(2), 189–201 [...]

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Schools cannot overcome inequalities

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Edmonds, R. et al. (1973) A Black Response to Christopher Jenck´s Inequality and Certain Other Issues, Harvard Educational Review, 43(1), 76-91. Flecha, R., & Buslon, N. (2016). [...]

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Playing chess improves learning

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Smith, J. P. (2000). The Effects of Chess Instruction on the Mathematics Achievement of Southern, Rural, Black Secondary Students. Research in the Schools, 7(1), 19-26. IMAGE: COMMENT: [...]

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