Control of emotions provide well-being

Scientific Evidence Platform Scientific evidence Control of emotions provide well-being

We human beings possess rational and emotional processes of thought. Despite the rational process of thought being what defers us from other species, it is the emotional process of thought that has been more noticeable in the last few years. Emotions are involved in a big part of our lives due to how we develop ourselves. They influence our health, our happiness, our state of mind and beyond. Knowing how to control our emotions, like many different studies suggest, ends up giving us multiple benefits on our daily basis, in every aspect of our life. It’s been remarked to stipulate on education, not only crosswise, that an assignment that develops socio mental health could be key for students to reach a better academic performance. To put it in some other words, people who feel unhappy, unmotivated and don’t know how to manage their emotions tend to have it tougher to find wellness. It is key for the Individual to understand their feelings and to know how to manage them. Not knowing how to behave or understand our emotions might be a problem at the end of the day, especially for the youth.


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