Relaxation improves learning and behavior

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence Relaxation improves learning and behavior
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I have listened that thanks to the relaxations made in the classroom, students improve their behavior and their learning performance. Is it true?

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Gontzal Uriarte



A small positive effect was found, but needs more evidence.

Relaxation and Educational Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis.
“Meta-analysis of the studies revealed that relaxation techniques, in particular progressive relaxation techniques, had a small positive effect on cognitive academic variables. Examination of the studies suggests, however, that more carefully designed and implemented studies need to be undertaken, especially in the area of relaxation techniques and affective educational outcome.”

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Gontzal Uriarte


Mindfulness induction and cognition: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Meta-analysis revealed a small positive effect of mindfulness inductions on cognitive functioning but methodological quality of the studies was generally poor.

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Basing on your question “Relaxation improves learning and behaviour?”, I am going to answer you basing in my own experience and with a scientific article related to your doubt.


On the one hand, I can say that yes, relaxation (and if it is accompanied by music, better) can improve the learning and the behaviour from the students. However, once achieved, you have to keep the calm, because if not, the exercise wouldn’t worth it.


On the other hand, I found an article that contribute on this question. According to the journal, Relaxation before Debriefing during High-fidelity Simulation Improves Memory Retention of Residents at Three Months: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Study:


High-fidelity simulation (HFS) is often embraced as an integral part of a longitudinal training curriculum and aims to accomplish part of this objective. HFS has been demonstrated to be effective in improving knowledge retention, with associated improvement in participant behaviour and performance during the simulation, as well as improved transfer of performance to current clinical practice. (Lilot, M.,, 2018)


Besides, this study expose more evidences that “high-fidelity simulation is known to improve participant learning and behavioural performance” and “results suggest that relation as a cognitive technique may enhance learning” (Lilot, M.,, 2018).


So, we can conclude that “benefits of relaxation to enhance learning should be considered for medical education”(Lilot, M.,, 2018).




Marc Lilot, M.D.; Jean-Noel Evain, M.D.; Christian Bauer, M.D.; Jean-Christophe Cejka, M.D., Ph.D.; Alexandre Faure, M.D.; Baptiste Balança, M.D., Ph.D.; Olivia Vassal, M.D.; Cécile Payet, M.P.H.; Bernard Bui Xuan, M.D., Ph.D.; Antoine Duclos, M.D., Ph.D.; Jean-Jacques Lehot, M.D., Ph.D.; Thomas Rimmelé, M.D., Ph.D., Relaxation before Debriefing during High-fidelity Simulation Improves Memory Retention of Residents at Three Months: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Study, Anesthesiology March 2018, Vol. 128, 638–649.

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