Massages among students in classrooms help them to be relaxed

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence Massages among students in classrooms help them to be relaxed
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Is it true that massages among students in classrooms help them to be relaxed and more prepared to work on the next task?

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Gontzal Uriarte


For reduction of challenging behaviours… there is not much evidence.
Massage as therapy for persons with intellectual disabilities: A review of the literature“The aim of this review was to evaluate the effectiveness of massage therapy on relaxation and reduction of challenging behaviours […] Evidence-based literature demonstrating the effectiveness of massage therapy in supporting clinical practice is extremely limited.”

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Gontzal Uriarte



A small positive effect was found, but needs more evidence.

Relaxation and Educational Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis.
“Meta-analysis of the studies revealed that relaxation techniques, in particular progressive relaxation techniques, had a small positive effect on cognitive academic variables. Examination of the studies suggests, however, that more carefully designed and implemented studies need to be undertaken, especially in the area of relaxation techniques and affective educational outcome.”

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