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Children always learn from concrete to abstract

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Scientific Articles

  • Egan, K. (2005). Students’ Development in Theory and Practice: The Doubtful Role of Research. Harvard Educational Review, 75, 25-41.
  • Coles, A., & Sinclair, N. (2019). Re-thinking ‘concrete to abstract’in mathematics education: Towards the use of symbolically structured environments. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education19, 465-480.

Explanation of the Post

This is a hoax. There are people who claim that children always start learning from concrete and later, based on the concrete things they have learnt, children are able to learn abstract concepts. However, the scientific evidence refutes this.

Other sources

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  1. Coles, A., Sinclair, N. Re-thinking ‘Concrete to Abstract’ in Mathematics Education: Towards the Use of Symbolically Structured Environments. Can. J. Sci. Math. Techn. Educ. 19, 465–480 (2019).


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