Keynote Speakers at SIS2016

The curiosity of the human mind is essential if you want citizens who think rather than accept the first nonsense they come to.

François Englert, Nobel Prize in Physics 2013

People called me a dreamer. Dreamer or not, it was hard work that brought results.

Ada Yonath, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2009

I believe that we should take a position for basic research to advance in this topic. We need to look for epidemiological clues that indicate us the different tumors that could be caused by an infection, although we might not know it yet.

Harald zur Hausen, Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008

Testimonials of some honorary and scientific committee

We have still a long way to walk to develop all the potential for innovation, transference and scientific dissemination, which are at the core of universities’ fundamental mission.

Dídac Ramírez, Rector of the University of Barcelona.
SIS2016 President of the Honorary Committee.

As basic researchers, we may have our bases in different disciplines, but our head certainly turned to the suffering of men whose hopes are in our efforts to deal with this condition, to open it out, to understand it and to stop it.

Joan Massague. Sloan Kettering Institute Director.
SIS2016 Honorary Committee.

Metrics such as social improvement, transferability to diverse populations or social contexts, are also used to back research proposals. Nature 528,193 (Dec.2015)

Marta Soler-Gallart. Member of the SIS2016 Scientific Committee.

Some registered participants to SIS2016 come from these countries


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The Social impact of Science Conference will be a bi-annual conference.  Although the second one (as an exception) will be held in 2019, we expect to have 3000 participants in 2021. In this first conference (SIS2016), we have given priority to the excellence of the participating agencies and scholars in order to dialogically define among of us the concretion of the research objective of this plural conference. SIS 2016 will be attended by 500 participants. With this number, we make possible to hold it in the most historical building of the University of Barcelona, just in the center of the city.

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