The wage gap between men and women is abysmal.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: Of the hundred highest paid athletes in the world there is only one woman who appears on that list and  that is Serena Williams. According to [...]

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Institutional violence against women is yet another form of violence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Perelló, L. S. (2022). El reconeixement de les violències institucionals:: una nova eina per exigir els drets de les dones. Idees: Revista de temes contemporanis, (59), 12. IMAGE: [...]

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Obsession with a man is submission to coercive discourse

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE: Racionero-Plaza, S., Duque, E., Padrós, M., & Roldán, S. M. (2021). “Your Friends Do Matter”: Peer Group Talk in Adolescence and Gender Violence Victimization. Children, 8(2), 65. Bélanger, [...]

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Some domestic workers are contributing to feminism, working for equality and against gender-based violence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: Today is International Domestic Workers’ day. According to the statistics presented on several reports by the International Labour Organization, domestic workers in all around the [...]

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Sexual freedom does not depend on the choice or choices made (heterosexual, LGBTI…), but on whether or not that choice or choices are made freely, without coercion.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: Is there evidence about this? OTHER SOURCES: Error happened. [...]

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Stable relationships oppress women’s freedom

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Ruiz-Eugenio, L., Racionero-Plaza, S., Duque, E., & Puigvert, L. (2020). Female university students’ preferences for different types of sexual relationships: implications for gender-based violence prevention programs and [...]

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Creative sexualities are those that are not heterosexual relationships

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: Is this a hoax? OTHER SOURCES: Error happened. [...]

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Simone de Beauvoir created feminism

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Giner, E., Ruiz, L., Serrano, M. Án., & Valls, R. (2016). Free Women’s Contributions to Working-Class Women’s Sexual Education during the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) and Beyond. [...]

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Sexism and stereotypes are one of the main causes of gender-based violence

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: IMAGE: COMMENT: In education, most coeducation programmes are not based on evidence, but on the widespread belief that overcoming gender stereotypes and roles is sufficient to end [...]

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Legislating sexual consent need to consider communicative acts to contribute overcoming GBV

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Flecha R, Tomás G and Vidu A (2020) Contributions From Psychology to Effectively Use, and Achieving Sexual Consent. Front. Psychol. 11:92. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.00092 IMAGE: COMMENT: There is wide debate [...]

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