Do men who carry out housework never exercise violence?

There is a scientific controversy on the link between violence and men who do housework. There is research which underlines that men who tend to not exercise violence are [...]

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Passion in a relationship had an expiration date

Some press articles cite research which say that passion in a relationship had an expiration date I think these statements are a hoax due to the following arguments: [...]

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New Alternative Masculinities (NAM) generate attractiveness, desire and kindness

Research states that, when there is a dominant coercive discourse on affective and sexual relationships, the double standard is reproduced: attractiveness is related to violence. However, when a preventive [...]

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Prostitution plays a social role for people with disabilities

One of the arguments given by those who defend the prostitution is that without prostitution the sexuality of people with disabilities is denied. A statement that is not only [...]

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Self-confidence is a key trait for New Alternative Masculinities

The concept of new alternative masculinities (NAM) has been around for a while now; more and more opinion articles are being published every week on digital press platforms. Sometimes, [...]

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Oppressed Traditional Masculinity (OTM) does contribute to reinforce the gender-violence roles models

Despite the common vision that all non-violent masculinity model suppose an advance towards the overcoming of gender violence, there is strong theoretical and empirical evidence that Oppressed Traditional Masculinity, [...]

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I have heard that “all men are or will be whore hounds”

I have heard that “all men are or will be whore hounds” at some time of their lives, but I believe it is a hoax because I have neer [...]

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New Alternative Masculinities do not reproduce the double standard

The New Alternative Masculinities (NAM) combine attraction, equality and desire in their relations and interactions with others. Strength and self-confidence are the main characteristics along with the social positioning [...]

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Bystander Intervention is an effective program to prevent and reduce violence at educational institutions also in the long term

Bystander Intervention is one of the evidence based interventions that has proven to reduce and prevent violence in all its forms at educational institutions from schools to universities. Its [...]

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There is no causal relationship between having suffered gender-based violence in childhood and future violence

The idea that children who have been victims of violence and have been exposed to it in their homes will be violent, has become a common belief of many [...]

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