There is no causal relationship between having suffered gender-based violence in childhood and future violence

The idea that children who have been victims of violence and have been exposed to it in their homes will be violent, has become a common belief of many [...]

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Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation

There is roboust evidence which shows that pedophilia is not a sexual orientation. In this regard, American Psychological Association has considered it as a mental disorder. Similarly, there is [...]

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Women experience more gender-based violence in rural indigenous communities than in urban areas

In Latin America the indigenous people, who often live in rural areas, are commonly labeled as more sexist and chauvinist than those living in urban areas. Thus, it is [...]

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I do not understand what the problem is with gender and bathrooms in public places

In my circle, many people celebrate the multi-everything type of bathroom (see the picture), but I do not understand why it is so important. I only know that I [...]

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Does Legalized Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking?

Gathered data and solid scientific evidence drawing on empirical and comparative analysis indicate that those countries which have legalized prostitution are associated with higher human trafficking inflows, in opposition [...]

Emilia Aiello 3 comments

Not fighting Second Order of Sexual Harassment (SOSH) means not fighting sexual harassment

There is evidence supporting the following statement: in order to overcome gender-based violence, there is a need to overcome Second Order of Sexual Harassment (SOSH). This is defined as [...]

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Gender-violence victims are mostly older women, who are economically dependent, have no studies or are immigrants

I often find news stating this, but I do not know if it is true or not… La independencia económica de las mujeres es clave para combatir la violencia [...]

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Love does not kill

I usually listen to different public debates that romantic relationships are the root of gender violence. But when I checked the scientific evidence, there is clear evidence that depends [...]

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