Our sex doesn’t determine our gender.

When we are born, the world tells us what gender roles and stereotypes we have to follow depending on our sex. Society assumes that our sex dictates our gender, [...]

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What defines our gender?

What defines gender? Society imposes our gender based on our sex (female or male) but this fact supposes a problem for transgender people, who doesn’t feel identified with the [...]

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Nowadays, young people with disabilities have the same possibilities to access the same studies as everyone else.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Parchomiuk, Monika. (2019). Teacher Empathy and Attitudes Towards Individuals with Disabilities. International Journal of Disability Development and Education, 66(1), 56-69. https://doi-org.sire.ub.edu/10.1080/1034912X.2018.1460654 Chae, S.; Park, E.Y. & Shin, [...]

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There are still inequalities in work between men and women

Evidences that I have selected: Women’s skills and career advancement: a review of gender (in)equality in an accounting workplace Nizam Ud Din, Xinsheng Cheng & Shama Nazneen (2018) Women’s [...]

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Self-perception defines gender

Gracias al concepto de autodeterminación relacionado con el género, “en determinados marcos legales se nombra la” soberanía [de la] voluntad humana sobre cualquier otra consideración física “, citando la [...]

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“Micromachismo” is tolerated and accepted by much of society because it is low-level.

Scientific articles: Suárez, J. (2013). El micromachismo en la publicidad. Nuevas estrategias para viejos estereotipos. 7(2), 239-251 https://doi.org/10.5209/rev_PEPU.2013.v7.n2.46176 Peralta García, L., Ufarte Ruíz, M., & López-Caniego, M. (2019). Micromachismos [...]

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“Las mujeres alrededor del mundo no viven el acoso callejero de la misma manera”

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Bailey, B. (2016). Street remarks to women in five countries and four languages: Impositions of engagement an intimacy. Sociolinguistic Studies, 10.4, 589–609 https://doi.org/10.1558/sols.28020 Fisher, S., Lindner, D., [...]

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Workers have preference for a male boss

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Artz, B., & Taengnoi, S. (2016). Do women prefer female bosses?. Labour Economics, 42, 194-202. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.labeco.2016.09.003 Powell, G. N., & Butterfield, D. A. (2015). The preference to work for [...]

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Prevent the gender violence in spanish schools

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Oliver, E., Soler, M., & Flecha, R. (2009). Opening schools to all (women): efforts to overcome gender violence in Spain. British journal of sociology of education, 30, [...]

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Sexual assault due to each person’s clothing

  IMAGE: COMMENT: It’s clear that being present in the 21st century part of society isn’t yet able to assume that the world has evolved. The way of dressing [...]

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