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SAPPHO is a non-populist participatory platform, available to everyone, both to consult and to contribute. It will deepen, on the one hand, on the development of sociological theory at the international level and, on the other hand, it will contribute to the analysis and improvement of the social impact of research.

Grounded on the principle of citizens’ participation in science its main objective is to provide citizens with a participatory science-based tool that would help them to distinguish between science-based statements and hoaxes about gender. Therefore, SAPPHO non-profit platform is built with a bottom-up approach that brings together not only researchers and practitioners, but all citizens, both to consult and to contribute. This participatory instrument is committed to promoting an egalitarian dialogue based on validity claims about gender and sharing scientific evidence with all citizens. Thus, SAPPHO is an Open Access platform available to everyone. Any citizen who wants to participate will be able to sign in and contribute. Participation will be totally voluntary.

The SAPPHO scientific evidence platform is led by the Research Group in Sociological Theory and Impact of Research (TSIR). This group aims to contribute to the development of social sciences at the service of society.

SAPPHO was a pioneer in gender equality. She founded the first girls’ school that is known. She was the first author to contribute to the creation of lyrical poetry, focused on feelings, while her contemporary male poets focused on epic poetry. Sappho also broke down stereotypes: she did not accept to be framed in one of both sides of patriarchal double standards, and  was able to fit her cultural activity with an intense love life beyond the limits that society tried to impose.

What is beautiful is good, and who is good will soon also be beautiful. – Sappho. Greek lyric poet

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