Women drive worse than men

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Currently, a large part of the population can drive, despite the fact that there are still vetoes and obstacles in some countries in which women are excluded from being drivers.

Along with female driving, female prejudices appear, one of the most frequent being “Women drive worse than men”. This statement has become a habit and the star phrase when a woman has just obtained her driving license is “Woman at the wheel, constant danger”, which makes the rest of the population assume that this is the case and underestimate the capacity of a woman. in driving.

Luckily, research reveals that this is not the case, in fact, it is just a mere myth and therefore, it is men who drive more recklessly and have more serious accidents.

Statistics on driving factors show that 82% of speeding accidents are caused by men and that for every 10 accidents, only 1 corresponds to women.

Regarding sanctions, 70% of men affirm having received some sanction compared to 40% of women.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the quality of driving is somewhat more difficult to delimit, but considering the accidents and sanctions, there is a certain predisposition to assume that women, if not more, are more prudent, responsible and agile against dangerous situations.



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