The close relationship between age and the wage gap.

Scientific evidence platform Scientific evidence The close relationship between age and the wage gap.


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We generally use the “wage gap” in general terms, and we do not usually delve into more specific aspects such as whether age is a determining factor in these social problems or not.

After conducting an extensive study, based on data with scientific evidence, I was able to see that age, together with its causes and consequences, has a significant relationship with wage inequality.

Where we can find this inequality is most significant at a young age, where young people are introduced to work. Specifically, speaking of numbers, one study tells us that in general, men are 85 times more likely to enter the world of work than women. But that’s not all, the measure of the wage gap, during the first 10 years, is more than 200% with respect to gender, and as the ages advance, these reduce, but without reaching 0%, standing between 9.3% and 16.4%.

So, in short, we can clearly see that the wage gap has a very considerable relationship in age, especially for young people who enter the labor market after completing their educational stage. Scientific data shows this more clearly. This problem is a structural fact that must be worked on in order to achieve equality once and for all.



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Wage Gap, Age, Men, Women, Inequalities, Salary and Glass Roof.

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