Women created feminism

There is a very widespread idea that says that women created feminism, which, with its advance, gradually dislodged the men who had always dominated us, and now some want [...]

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“Strong men have more sex”

It is said that physical strength in a man explains that they have more success when flirting. However, there are many strong men who have little success, and on [...]

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Dialogic Feminist Gatherings have an impact on reduction and prevention of Gender-Based Violence among adolescent girls.

The dialogues and reflections of the girls (aged 15 to 18) in Out-of-Home Care after participating in the Dialogic Feminist Gatherings show an increase in the competences related to [...]

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“Micromachismos” -soft violence- are the main cause for gender violence

It is said in Spain that “micromachismos” (soft violence) are an important cause for gender violence to be perpetuated because it is silent.  Such a concept is quite unusual [...]

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There is a relationship between the gender gap in STEM careers and sexual harassment in Universities

Many universities have recently reported, in the revision of the enrollment rate of women in STEM careers, a decrease in the numbers of enrollments and the consequent increase in [...]

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Men can’t perform child care tasks

It is believed that certain jobs are best done by women, or even that men cannot do them at all, such as being kindergarten educators, because their nature is [...]

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Participating in Dialogic Gatherings contributes to acquiring or reinforcing attitudes of New Alternative Masculinities

There exist affirmations that strengthen the idea that participating in dialogic gatherings contributes to acquiring or reinforcing such attitudes attributed to the NAM (New Alternative Masculinities) and that, therefore, [...]

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Overcoming gender-based violence in youth requires comprehensive strategies that are embedded in institutions and led by girls and boys

The international scientific debate supports the need to incorporate comprehensive and permanent models in educational institutions. These programmes include the voices and leadership of the community and especially of [...]

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Gender-based violence is more prevalent in stable relationships

It is often heard among people responsible for the prevention of gender-based violence and the public, that gender-based violence occurs between stable partners. This hoax hides the enormous rate [...]

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Men talk about women as prey

There is a general belief that mens’ groups, when they meet, basically talk about women as preys to hunt or as objectives to achieve. I value this statement as [...]

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