Overcoming Second Order of Sexual Harassment is crucial to overcoming GBV

There is evidence supporting the following statement: in order to overcome gender-based violence, there is a need to overcome Second Order of Sexual Harassment. This is defined as that kind of harassment  suffered by those who support direct victims, without being victims themselves. But, they become victims when decide to stand with direct survivors and take their side. As it is already proven, survivors need support in order to break their silence and keep forward. Thus, to defend those supporting, become crucial in the struggle against sexual violence.


Vidu, A., Valls, R., Puigvert, L., Melgar, P., & Joanpere, M. (2017). Second order of sexual harassment-SOSH. Multidisciplinary Journal of Educational Research7(1), 1-26. https://www.hipatiapress.com/hpjournals/index.php/remie/article/view/2505 (Scopus Q3 in 2019)

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Sara Carbonell

There is evidence of the SOSH that exists in universities and the permissive dynamics installed in them towards this violence that can even make the victims feel guilty for thinking that they are the ones who have caused this situation. These university contexts where this type of violence is permitted make the victims feel isolated by their peers which leaves them even more unprotected. I totally agree that it is urgent to defend those who support the ending of the sexual violence that still persists in universities. 


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