Successful educational actions that open doors at schools serve as a tool to prevent child abuse during lockdown for COVID-19

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Roca, E., Melgar, P., Gairal-Casadó, R., & Pulido-Rodríguez, M. A. (2020). Schools that ‘open doors’ to prevent child abuse in confinement by COVID-19. Sustainability, 12(11), 4685. Ruiz-Eugenio, L.; [...]

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Students attend more and learn more when they are quiet

IMAGE: COMMENT: Given the current situation, in which schools have had to separate students by a minimum of one and a half meters, some teachers, who do not know [...]

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Children need to get bored and not be stressed

IMAGE: COMMENT: Children need time to get bored, do less extracurricular activities so they don’t get overworked. Error happened. [...]

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