Inclusive Education Hiding School Segregation

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Allan, Julie y Persson, Elisabeth (2015). Perspectivas de los estudiantes sobre cómo aumentar el rendimiento a través de la inclusión en Essunga, Suecia. Revista educativa, 68 (1), [...]

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The socio-economic status of parents can be a constraint for children when it comes to education.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Gil-Flores, J. (2011). The socioeconomic status of families and students’ educational achievement, Culture and Education, 23:1, 141-154, DOI: 10.1174/113564011794728597 Hällsten, M., & Pfeffer, F. T. (2017). [...]

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Social networks cause people to isolate themselves socially.

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Ahn, D. & Shin, DH. (2013). Is the social use of media for seeking connectedness or for avoiding social isolation? Mechanisms underlying media use and subjective well-being. [...]

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Online classes affect productivity and concentration of students

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Walters, T; Simkiss, NJ; Snowden, RJ; Gray, NS. ( 2021). Secondary school student’s perception of the online teaching experience during COVID-19: The impact on mental well-being and [...]

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Playing chess improves learning

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Smith, J. P. (2000). The Effects of Chess Instruction on the Mathematics Achievement of Southern, Rural, Black Secondary Students. Research in the Schools, 7(1), 19-26. IMAGE: COMMENT: [...]

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