School redistribution policies of immigrant students promote xenophobia

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Campdepadrós, R.; Molina, S.; Ramis, M.; & de Botton, L. (2020). The Vic Model: From school redistribution to xenophobic voting. Political Geography, 83. DOI: IMAGE: COMMENT: [...]

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Massages among students in classrooms help them to be relaxed

IMAGE: COMMENT: Is it true that massages among students in classrooms help them to be relaxed and more prepared to work on the next task? Error happened. [...]

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Children always learn from concrete to abstract

SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES: Egan, K. (2005). Students’ Development in Theory and Practice: The Doubtful Role of Research. Harvard Educational Review, 75, 25-41. DOI: IMAGE: COMMENT: This is a hoax. There [...]

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Students attend more and learn more when they are quiet

IMAGE: COMMENT: Given the current situation, in which schools have had to separate students by a minimum of one and a half meters, some teachers, who do not know [...]

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Children need to get bored and not be stressed

IMAGE: COMMENT: Children need time to get bored, do less extracurricular activities so they don’t get overworked. Error happened. [...]

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