Men and women are not physically equal but we do have the same rights

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence Men and women are not physically equal but we do have the same rights



Diferencias entre hombres y mujeres en los entrenamientos: no, ellas no son más débiles


A hotly debated topic today is strength. Are men physically stronger than women? The answer is absolutely yes. Men are stronger than women, physically speaking, they develop much more strength than women.
This is conditioned by the morphological structure of a man’s body, which is very different from that of a woman.
A man overcomes physical efforts better than a woman, speaking in physical terms.
The difference in physical strength can be explained by various factors: morphological differences, hormonal differences, differences in muscular structure, cardiovascular differences, respiratory differences, motor differences…
Men and women are not physically equal, but we must have the same rights.


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