Teachers’ frustration with new tecnologies and COVID19

Scientific Evidence Platform Under review Teachers’ frustration with new tecnologies and COVID19
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We are currently experiencing a very complicated pandemic situation, in which educational
teaching has been completely affected.

In order to be able to teach classes, it has been necessary to use new technologies to be able
to maintain contact with and interest in their students. However, we have to be aware that the
teachers’ perspective changes in certain aspects, because they can no longer have direct and
physical contact with the pupils and therefore it ends up becoming impersonal and frustrating
for the teachers.

Actualment, estem vivint una situació pandèmica molt complicada, en la que la docència
educativa sa vist afectada per complet.
Per poder impartir les classes, ha sigut necessari l’ús de les noves tecnologies, per poder
mantenir el contacte i l’interès del seu alumnat. Així i tot hem de ser conscients que la
perspectiva del professorat canvia en cert aspecte, degut a que no pot tindre un contacte
directe i físic amb l’alumnat i per tant s’acaba transformant en un tracte impersonal i
frustrant per als docents.
Key words: Educating, Times of Coronavirus, Teachers’ Perceptions, digital teaching

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Esther Arellano

Totalmente de acuerdo, encontramos a los chicos frustrados, con temor e inseguridad para interactuar y socializar.

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