Analysis of the impact of teachers’ educational strategies on student achievement of learning objectives

Scientific Evidence Platform Needs more evidence Analysis of the impact of teachers’ educational strategies on student achievement of learning objectives

In today’s societies, a debate has been generated around the importance of analyzing the influence of the educational strategies adopted by teachers in the attainment and achievement of curricular and educational objectives in students. All this has led to reconsider the problem of school dropout as a prevailing social element in today’s societies.


Likewise, the latest educational research has revealed the importance of the role played by the motivational and relational factor of teachers in the involvement and commitment to autonomous and reflective learning on the part of students. For their part, (Scheel; Madabhushi; Backhaus, 2009) explain that: “affective relationships are a key factor within the school environment, since through them, it is possible to promote prevention and counseling programs to tackle the problem of school dropout”. This raises the question that the current educational system is ineffective in the face of society’s demands and that, despite numerous attempts to establish successful educational measures through educational policies, the number of school dropouts continues to increase, making this one of the most prominent educational problems that is costly not only for individuals but also for society in general. All this has a direct implication on education, since as pointed out by (Wolters & Fan, 2012) this is related to the fact that: “students are at a higher risk of dropping out of school if they have a low academic performance, demonstrate more misbehaviors, are less involved in school activities”.


Thus, there is a need to develop new educational methods, and at the same time to reconsider teaching programs in order to better manage educational processes. These strategies may serve as mechanisms to achieve effectiveness in the achievement of educational and learning outcomes (Napiersky & Woods, 2018), and at the same time, will serve to improve the performance of behaviors, cognitions and motivational states of the student body, thereby reducing dropout rates in schools.




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