How does the increase of streamers affects education?

Scientific Evidence Platform Scientific evidence How does the increase of streamers affects education?



Los streamers medianos y pequeños, en peligro de extinción | Marca


Nowadays we are expecting an increase, by adolescents, consuming the new phenomenon of streamers. But what impact does this have on the education of these childrens? Is positive or negative?


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Laura Artero García

A current controversy: Can streaming be a method of educational innovation?

Currently new technologies are part of our lives, on a daily basis. We use our technological devices (computers, mobiles) to access information.         I believe that the media and new technologies are compatible with education and can be incorporated into it to facilitate student learning.

Streamers have emerged and have created a lot of controversy in today’s society, because they are people who broadcast through the computer camera and many charge for it, this has made people criticize this profession and streaming is not valued.

According to this investigators Bridge, Patrick, Jackson, Matt, Robinson and Leah in The Medical education online that streaming can be a very useful tool to use in the educational field because it can be used to teach in a much more innovative way. It can also be used to teach both theoretical and practical things. For example, medical students at Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit have tried this type of methodology through streaming and have achieved good results.
According to the British Journal of educational Technology, the streaming is a methodological educational alternative.

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