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In so much schools in the planet, a very commun subject is PE, Physical Education, there are a lot of people that think this subject should be erased from the school program, but they don’t know that PE in schools has a lot of positives effects on kids.
One of the principal effects is that sport help in their development, they grow up more healthy and strong. Also doing PE in schools help them to have a lot more of concentration, discipline and security on themselfs. Another of the positive effects that this subject has on children is that they develop so much social skills, and they learn how to work in group without fighting and in a healthy way. If the kids do sport at school it helps in their nature, they start being more friendly and less aggressive.
There are a lot more of points that show that doing PE and sport at school help the children and is worth doing it, and i honestly think PE is as important as math, science and history.
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